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40 Recipes You Can Cook in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide. It is a time for spiritual reflection, increased charity, and fasting from sunrise to sunset. While abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours can be challenging, it also presents an opportunity to try new recipes and explore different cuisines. In this article, we will share 40 delicious recipes that you can cook during Ramadan to break your fast and nourish your body.

I am posting a recipe collection mostly served during this holy month and I hope that you would find one or more that you can use.

Summary of 40 Ramadan Recipes - MMK

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkim Soup - Ramadan

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This recipe is surprisingly easy. It might take a bit of time, but “difficult” is not a description that would fit it, especially after you try that first spoonful. A good soup option to break your fast with in Ramadan, along with your dates and samoosa, or other appetizers you start your meal with.



Harira - Ramadan

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Harira is a Moroccan soup and is often served at the break of the fast in Ramadan. It is healthy and tasty; good tasty for that bit of sour taste that makes the breaking of the fast remind you of the blessings from the holy month.


Vegetable and Meatball Soup

Veggie and Meatball Soup

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This soup is not runny, nor it is creamy; it is rich, and healthy – your best bet after a day of fasting. It has mini-meatballs and vegetables that will satiate you but not make you feel full. That is a perfect starter by itself.


Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup - Ramadan

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Lentil soup is healthy. Incredibly easy to make, this soup might be one of your favorites, and would cook it more than once during the fasting month and after. Tip: yellow split peas can be used in this version and maybe a healthier version as well.


Fresh Tomato and Carrot Soup

Tomato and Carrot Soup - Ramadan

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A very healthy choice after a day of fasting, this soup has fresh tomatoes and just one carrot and would take only minutes to make.


Barley Soup

Barley Soup - Ramadan

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This healthy soup from barley is another good choice during the fasting month, as it has fibers that can help moderate sugar and insulin levels. It can also keep you satisfied longer.


Stuffed Dates with Cream Cheese and Nuts

Stuffed Dates with Cream Cheese and Nuts - Ramadan

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The reason that dates are an essential part of the Iftar meal is because the prophet Muhammad has been quoted as saying “When one of you is fasting, he should break his fast with dates; but if he cannot get any, then (he should break his fast) with water, for water is purifying.’” – Sarah, Curious Cuisiniere


Imam Biyaldi

Imam Biyaldi - Recipe for Ramadan

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Imam biyaldi is a Turkish dish with eggplants, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and parsley. In most imam bayildi recipes, the eggplants are stuffed with the remaining ingredients and then simmered with lots of olive oil. This recipe does not ask for stuffing, but equally delicious. Imam biyaldi is best served with Arabic pita bread.


Spanakopita Triangles

Spanakopita Triangles - Ramadan

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“Spanakopita triangles are made with feta cheese (also known as spanakotiropita), ricotta cheese (my secret ingredient), and spinach leaves wrapped in flaky, buttery phyllo dough. They are SO delicious!”- Aleka, Alekas’ Get Together


Chicken Moon Pies

Chicken Moon Pies - Ramadan

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Chicken moon pie is a moon-shaped pastry with creamy chicken filling. It is similar to what we call empanada in the Philippines, Spain, and probably Portugal. It is also similar to calzone in Italy. The chicken moon pie recipe in this post is from Bangladesh.


Vegetable Pakora


Vegetable Pakora - Ramadan














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Pakora is a perfect accompaniment for your soup when breaking the fast. This vegetable pakora is healthy as it has an additional lineup of veggies. Pakora, also considered a finger food, is one of my many favorites among several Indian recipes. Its crispy exterior of golden brown color is definitely inviting, especially while it is hot, straight from the pan, or warm.


Dynamite Cheese Sticks

Dynamite Cheese Sticks - Ramadan

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Dynamite cheese sticks are similar to spring rolls and samoosas, but with a little sting from the chili. Your choice of pepper will dictate the amount of chili-chill these cheese sticks will have.


Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed Grape Leaves - Ramadan

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Stuffed grape leaves are commonly served as a delicious appetizer and are considered one of the must-have in a Mediterranean mezze platter.” – Amira’s Pantry


Bangladeshi Garden Salad

Bangladeshi Garden Salad - Ramadan

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If you are looking for a quick salad recipe that would go well with your rice-and-meat dish, look no further. This garden salad from Bangladesh is easy to make as you most likely already have the ingredients in your own kitchen. right now.



Tabbouleh - Ramadan

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Tabbouleh is mostly parsley which gives the human body a lot of benefits. It has detoxifying ingredients, good for the heart and the immune system. In fact, one of its big benefits is its anti-cancer attribute. Tabbouleh is one of many Arabic recipes popular all year round in the Middle East and it is not surprising that it is also often served during the month of Ramadan. The recipe here is as basic as it gets and as healthy as it promises.


Green Onion and Corn Salad

Green Onion and Corn Salad - Ramadan

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This salad can be a meal by itself. It has most of the nutrients our body needs, and the protein, carbs, fibers, etc. are properly distributed in its ingredients.



Fattoush - Ramadan

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Fattoush recipes are mostly popular in Lebanese kitchens. From its ingredients, the main identifiers of this flavorful salad are the pieces of fried (or baked) pita bread scattered on top of the dish, which adds an interesting twist to the mouth: the softness of the vegetables and the crispiness of the pita bread amidst the lemony dressing.


Beef Kacchi Biryani

Beef Kacchi Biryani - Ramadan

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The term Kaachi refers to the marinated meat and raw rice cooked together in their own steam and served. This beef Kacchi biryani recipe is from Bangladesh. It is one good dish to cook during the fasting month of Ramadan.  What I loved about this recipe are the fragrant spices and the comforting flavor they bring.


Oven-Roasted Chicken with Rosemary

Chicken with Rosemary - Ramadan

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Rosemary chicken is a simple, fragrant chicken dish that’s perfect for entertaining. It’s easy enough to make and can be served hot or cold as part of an antipasto platter or on its own with some crusty bread. You can use any kind of chicken you like: dark meat from the breast or thighs, or even skinless breasts. If you want to serve it hot, just pop it in the oven when you start cooking your other dishes.


Thareed - Ramadan

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Thareed is a Middle Eastern dish of red meat chunks with vegetables and thick sauce from tomatoes and tomato paste and served over pita bread or flatbread. Yes, over flatbread, so the bread had softened by the time it is served. Sounds interesting, right?

The term “thareed” literally means “stewed beef with vegetables and bread.” This is often served during the fasting month in the Middle East. Sometimes, it is done more than once in that month. Thareed is not only kind to the taste buds. It is also pleasant in the stomach after the break of fasting.



Shakshukah - Ramadan

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The word means “all mixed up.” It is a dish that is most popular in the Middle East and North Africa. Its main ingredients are eggs and tomatoes and this is mostly considered a breakfast item. This is one of the many best egg recipes for suhoor in the month of Ramadan.


Kala Vuna

Kala Vuna - Ramadan

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Kala vuna (or kalo bhuna) is meat cooked with spices, until they are completely mixed with the meat, fork-tender, soft to the tongue, wonderful to the tastebuds, and dreamy delicious. I said meat because although kala vuna is usually associated with pieces of meat (I mean beef), chicken meat can also be used. This recipe is from Bangladesh, and as I had tried it repeatedly, I can confidently say that it is best served with either steamed white rice or pita bread.


Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers - Ramadan

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Here, I’ve given the classic recipe a little update by quickly tenderizing the beef before cooking and seasoning it with Southwestern spices, which complement the sweetness of the bell peppers perfectly. That said, the recipe is endlessly versatile; you can change up the meat, spices, grain, or cheese to give the dish a whole new spin.  – Jenn Segal, Once Upon a Chef


Fatteh with Hummus

Fatteh - Ramadan

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Fatteh is an Arabic term that means “to crumble.” There are many variations of this dish from either the accompanying ingredient (vegetable or fruit) or the way it is prepared, but in all cases, the crumbled pita bread continues to be the star! Fatteh with hummus (or garbanzo beans) is another dish that is best served in Ramadan as it is light but filling enough. Its ground beef ingredient makes the dish a complete meal during the fasting month. On other occasions, Fatteh with Hummus is a perfect candidate for potluck lunches or dinners.


Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani - Ramadan

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Fish biryani is also a traditional dish during Ramadan in most of the middle east and south Asia. This recipe is easy and tasty (I promise). Fish replaces the tender meat in most biryani recipes, so this becomes a good Ramadan recipe candidate.


Beef and Mushroom Lasagna

Been and Mushroom Lasagna - Ramadan

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With very minimal ingredients, this lasagna is easy to make, but is true to its name for the yumminess it would bring. Try this recipe during the month of Ramadan.  This dish is a complete meal that is more than enough after the soup and dates at the breaking of fast.


Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani - Ramadan

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This is another biryani version that is served mostly during the month of Ramadan and all-year round.  while the recipe calls for pieces of tender chicken, boneless chicken can be a good replacement, especially if you would consider moving the dish to bakeware after mixing the rice and meat and baking. In this case, leave it covered with aluminum foil in a 300-degree Fahrenheit oven heat for at least 30 minutes. Chicken biryani is also served during the Eid Al-Fitr along with the traditional and more popular lamb biryani.


Khubz (Arabic Pita Bread)

Khubz - Ramadan

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In Ramadan, people like to think practical when it comes to food – meal prep is key. For pita bread, you could prepare it fresh in the afternoon for iftar (the first meal in the evening after breaking the fasting), and also eat it for suhoor (in the morning). This pita bread is very freezer-friendly, just let cool after baking, freeze and bake off whenever you want.” – Kitty of welcome2jordan.com


Ground Meat and Mixed Vegetable Casserole

Stewed Beef and Vegetables - Ramadan

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Either frozen vegetables or fresh veggies will work as the fresh flavor of this dish is enhanced by the meat. With a little creativity, this recipe can have very simple ingredients.

Morog Polao

Morog Polao - Ramadan

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Morog Polou is Bangladeshi’s term for chicken biryani. However, chicken biryani and morog polau are different in a lot of ways. Find out here, try and enjoy.


Homemade Mushroom Burger

Mushroom Burger - Ramadan

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“A mushroom burger is basically a sandwich consisting of one or more patties made out of mushroom as a replacement, instead of the traditionally used ground meat. In this case, we use an oyster mushroom that’s finely chopped.” – Pinoy Food Guide


Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry - Ramadan

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After burning the spices and you add the chicken to the pot, slowly sear the chicken by letting it brown a bit. So, I do not mean burn-burn as in burn, just give it a little sensation!  Your friends would ask what your secret is! This is your secret here revealed.” – Magida, My Mothers’ Kitchens

Recipes for delicious curries abound. This one, though tasty, is not too strong in the curry. Coconut milk can be added to this recipe midway through the cooking process.

Shrimp Biryani

Shrimp Biryani - Ramadan

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Shrimp biryani is a delicious rice and shrimp dish made with long-grained basmati rice and shrimps or prawns and aromatic spices.



Knafeh - Ramadan

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Knafeh is popular Lebanese and Middle Eastern dessert made with a layer of shredded Phyllo dough, a layer of sweet cheese and a special knafeh filling mixture. Lebanese knafeh is then topped with a simple syrup, making a delicious savory and sweet dessert. It is also known as kanafa, kunafa, kanafeh or knafe.” – The Salt and Sweet


Ogaily (Cardamom Sponge Cake)

Ogaily - Ramadan

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Ogaily is a soft sponge cake characterized by the cardamom taste. It is best served with tea or coffee.



Luqaimat - Ramadan

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Luqaimat are delicious Middle Eastern style doughnut balls, also called lokma, lugaimat or awameh (or loukoumades in Greek). They are crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and absolutely delicious drizzled with a homemade sugar syrup.”  – Farah, Every Little Crumb



Kunafa - Ramadan

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Kunafa is usually prepared during the Holy month of Ramadan. It has become a usual sight on the dining table after the main meal, along with other sweets.


Maamoul (Date-Filled Cookies)

Maamoul - Ramadan

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“Maamoul (Ma’amoul) are delicate date-filled butter cookies with a decorative pattern on the outside made by using a maamoul mold, a fork, or pinching the dough. Maamoul is on the dessert table throughout the Middle East for holidays and celebrations of all kinds.” – Maureen Abood (recipe author)



Baklava - Ramadan

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Very much like the Kunafa, except for the phyllo pastry instead of the Kunafa threads, this sweet dessert is common and popular during the month of Ramadan. Add this recipe to your homemade desserts so it is handy even after Ramadan. It is a classic favorite for my family.


Basbousa with Coconut

Basbousa - Ramadan

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Basbousa is a sweet cake with syrup that is popular in the Middle East. Basbousa is considered an Arabic dessert, a cake, or simply categorized as sweet.  Basbousa recipes are characterized by two main ingredients: semolina flour and the sugar syrup poured over it after baking or cooking. This recipe here included desiccated coconut that makes basbousa doubly interesting. similar to Baklava and Kunafa, basbousa are not only Ramadan recipes, they are also served during the Eid Al Fitr holidays.



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