Magida Najjar of my My Mothers' Kitchens

Welcome and thank you for being here.

My name is Magida. I am the person behind Feastful Fork where you’ll find recipes without pork, and anything derived from it.

Are you looking for a particular recipe that calls for pig meat? We might have the recipe here, but it has been recreated using another ingredient – beef, chicken, lamb, or even seafood.

Feastful Fork used to be My Mothers’ Kitchens (MMK) which I kept for a few years. MMK’s recipes are now available here, plus more. Let me guess your favorite recipe from MMK. Is that chicken nilaga, thareed, dry chicken adobo, or Bangladeshi Kacchi Biryani? I know, right?

The absence of pork in my recipes is influenced by two things:

1) Mom and Dad (peace be with them) raised their family (that is us, of course) that way. We do not cook/eat anything with pork. Oh yes, Mom and Dad are Christians and so are my siblings;

2) I found Islam in 2001. “No pork, my dear.” No problem, at all!

Feastful Fork, just like MMK the way you know it, will not try to impress you with hard-to-find ingredients, nor confuse you with complicated instructions. I believe in simplifying things, including cooking. Well, some recipes take time to cook, aha! That, I am sure you understand, is a different story.


I am a retired human resources practitioner and communications professional – initially in the Philippines and mostly in Saudi Arabia.

I am married to my ever-loving and supportive husband (Mr. Green Eyes); we were blessed with three sweet and adoring sons – Danyal, Adnan, and Yousif. Yousif has Downs’ Syndrome and is forever a baby in our eyes and hearts. My first-born Danyal (who was born in the early 90s) joined Our Creator when he was 20 due to a rare metabolic condition. Yeah, the pain of losing was and is intense, but we have been grateful for the years Danyal was with all of us.

Welcome again to Feastful Fork.


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