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Saudi Champagne: Perfection in Every Bubble

“Let us order Saudi Champagne,” said my friend. “Saudi what?” I was not sure I heard it right. It was my first few months in Saudi Arabia and that was more than three decades ago. When she said that it is a non-alcoholic drink, a combination of grape juice and sparkling water, I became interested. Interesting, it was; naturally sweet, tantalizing to the taste buds, and made exquisitely appealing by the sight of floating diced apple pieces, lemon and orange slices, and fresh mint leaves.

Saudi Champagne, what is it?

Saudi Champagne, also known as Saudi Arabian sparkling wine, belongs to the category of “mocktails.” This fizzy drink is yes, a fake champagne but the name Saudi Champagne is popular in many dining places (such as Turkish and Lebanese restaurants, etc.) and in Saudi Arabian homes, its name has taken its own ownership. As a beautiful blend of creativity and warm hospitality, it has carved a niche for itself in the Kingdom’s already rich culinary scene. It has also become a favorite for many Saudis and expats alike. Whether enjoyed at a luxurious dinner in a fine restaurant or shared with loved ones during occasions, Saudi Champagne adds a touch of elegance to what is already a popular drink.


Saudi Champagne Ingredients

Saudi champagne is quick and easy, you can have a pitcher or two of this on the table in less than 10 minutes. The ingredients are straightforward and the mixture is not complicated at all.

  • Apple juice. Available in your local supermarkets, bottled or in carto
  • Sparkling water (Perrier Water is the most popular)
  • White soda, such as 7Up or Sprite (to add fizz, but can be optional)
  • fresh apple
  • fresh orange
  • fresh lime or lemon or both
  • fresh mint leaves


How to Make Saudi Champagne

  • Prep the ingredients by dicing the apple into 1/4-inch pieces, slicing half the orange, and squeezing the juice of the other half. Do the same for the lemon and lime. Place them in a pitcher or tall jar that can accommodate more than 2 liters of liquid.
  • Mix by gently pouring the apple juice and sparkling water with them. Add 7up or Sprite, it using.
  • Add ice (about 15 2-inch cubes).
  • Top with fresh and washed mint leaves.

Sparkling Saudi Champagne


How to Serve Saudi Champagne

  • Start with the perfect temperature: This non-real champagne is best served cold; better with ice cubes, to preserve the delicate flavors and allow the bubbles to develop beautifully.
  • Choose the right glassware: Champagne flutes are the classic choice. Their tall and narrow shape helps retain the bubbles and concentrate the aromas. The narrow opening also directs the bubbles to the tip of the tongue, enhancing the taste experience. However, you can also opt for a tulip-shaped glass or a white wine glass if you don’t have flutes handy.
  • Let it breathe: Once you’ve poured the first round, allow the Champagne to breathe for a minute or two. This short resting period allows the flavors to develop and intensify, ensuring a more enjoyable tasting experience for this refreshing drink.
  • Savor every sip: Take small sips to fully appreciate the complexity of flavors, and let the bubbles dance on your tongue. Notice the balance between acidity and sweetness, the subtle fruity notes, and the crisp finish.
  • Pair with food or enjoy on its own: Saudi Champagne is incredibly versatile and pairs well with a variety of dishes. Its acidity and effervescence make it an excellent complement to dishes like seafood, sushi, roasted poultry, or creamy cheeses. However, it is also delightful on its own, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its flavors and experience its fine taste.


How to Store Leftover Saudi Champagne

I suggest pouring the apple juice, sparkling water, and white soda last, about 10 minutes before serving. This ensures a fizzy drink at drinking time. This also helps in estimating how much is going to be consumed and refraining from having leftovers. Having said that, any leftovers can be put in a tightly sealed pitcher in the fridge for a day or two. Note that the taste of leftover Saudi Champagne might be a bit flat by then, especially if there were many ice cubes with them. It is actually nice to keep the apple bits and citrus slices with a small amount of apple juice in the fridge and mix the sparkling water and soda with them when re-serving the drink.


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Sparkling Saudi Champagne

Saudi Champagne Recipe

  • Author: Magida


A non-alcoholic drink that belongs to the category of mocktails. Easy to make, it is ready in just about 10 minutes.



1-liter apple juice

750ml sparkling water

1 apple diced into 1/4-inch pieces

1 orange (slice half, and squeeze the juice of the other half)

1 lemon (slice half, and squeeze the juice of the other half)

1 lime (slice half, and squeeze the juice of the other half) – optional

Plenty of mint sprigs (less is okay, plenty is better)

ice cubes

330 ml of white soda, like 7Up or Sprite (optional)


  • Place diced apples and citrus slices in a pitcher or tall jar that can accommodate more than 2 liters of liquid.
  • Gently pour the apple juice and sparkling water with them. Add 7up or Sprite, it using.
  • Add ice (about 15 2-inch cubes).
  • Stir gently.
  • Top with fresh and washed mint leaves.


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